Wednesday, June 15, 2011

11. the net life

So, I got up this morning and became totally obsessed with looking up information about stalkers on the internet. Because, I am a girl with a stalker. I am being stalked. I don’t know why it didn’t really occur to me before. At least not with any clarity. But that’s what it is.

Maybe it’s because my own view of reality was warped early on by having a teenage boy who sort of stalked me in high school. It felt pretty harmless, just irritating. I hardly paid any attention to it all. It certainly didn’t frighten me. Maybe I was just blind and over-confident. My teenage stalker certainly never made me feel anything much more than exasperated so I suppose I came to view the behavior as less of a threat than someone else might.

But there’s a lot of good information about stalking on the web. Here’s what I discovered:

1. Restraining orders don’t work
2. Jail doesn’t work
3. Stalkers may become violent
4. Tell your stalker “NO”

I also found out that most victims of stalking don’t want to think of themselves as victims and that you should report being stalked and document all contact with your stalker. I’ve done some documenting. You’re reading it.

I’m so screwed.

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