Thursday, June 16, 2011

12. resolve

According to the advice on the web, I need to tell Jeremy to leave me alone and then cut off all contact of any kind with him. It’s a plan, I suppose. Though, realistically, I’ve already told him to leave me alone. And told him. And told him. There’s no point in saying it again, so I guess the only thing to do now is the cutting off contact part. I just wish I could make him just go away. I really don’t get why he’s doing this. How could anyone be that crazy? What is wrong with him?

I really need to tell the police. And I REALLY need to tell Colin. I have to trust him and hope he’ll understand. But, he’s NOT going to understand. No one would understand the way I’ve behaved. I wouldn’t. I DON’T. I’ve handled this situation just about the worst possible way and I have to start fixing it. I just wish I knew how.

One email and one voice mail from Jeremy today. I didn’t listen or read, but I saved them. Documenting. I don’t even want to know what he has to say.

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