Saturday, June 04, 2011

6. outer spaces

In a terribly misguided effort to be really nice to me, Colin tried to get me to go see a movie at the Angelica. The Angelica is the main independent film theater in town and normally Colin would avoid it like poison since he doesn’t really care for indie films all that much. He only goes to see them with me. Of course, the Angelica is not too far from Jeremy’s NYU building and is exactly Jeremy’s sort of theater. So you can imagine how I felt about that suggestion. Manhattan is a really big place, but right now it seems tiny and confining. I can’t even imagine what would happen if Colin and I were to see Jeremy.

I cooked supper for Colin tonight to try to make up for being such a crazy bitch. I made this chicken and rice thing he likes. But I the some chicken in the freezer and rice in the cabinet. I still don't want to go out, even to the store.

I made Colin take me to this big theater way up on Columbus Avenue. The upper west side is about as far away from the lower east side where Jeremy lives as you can reasonably get. Colin was happy…ish about it. With the movie, at least. We saw something with lots of explosions. I love action movies and special FX blockbusters, too. But I just couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t even tell you what movie we saw.

Jeremy has been emailing me. The last one he sent today was a really long one about how he loves me and he’s been thinking about it and wants us to move in together. He’s got this whole imaginary relationship going on in his head or something. I just deleted the emails.

And emptied the trash.

And defragged the hard drive.

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